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Download C&C:RA2YR Patch Creating mods is very easy, simply download the patch. To add it to your mod, just unzip it to a desired location. Make sure the path of the mod is correct. Then, run the patch executable and it will do the rest. Just follow the readme and you will be fine! Don't forget to update your save game! I have modified the game, mostly in the tools section, and I'm open to hearing ideas to make the tools better. Features: - New maps. - New units. - New weapons. - Support for multiple difficulty levels. - Ability to edit existing units. - Ability to edit existing weapons. - "Changelog" and "About" pages. - Change in screen resolution (needs to be disabled when changing savegames). Known Bugs: - Combat mission doesn't work correctly. - When you save a new game, it resets the difficulty settings. Installation: - Install the game and the patch. - Unzip the patch, if necessary. - Make sure the correct path is entered in the "Modding Tools for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge (C&C: RA2YR)" folder. - The mod has its own.PTC file, and I recommend that you delete the game's.PTC file first, otherwise it will conflict. - Run the.PTC and it will add the mod to the game. Status: I have completed the first major features of the mod, but I have not completed the combat missions, so the mod is not "done" yet. However, I still have a few new features and I am working on a new mod. New features include: - New difficulty levels. - New events (which are also different from the original). - Different walkers. - New unit graphics. - New dialogs. - Ability to preview all weapons. New units: - Tank: IT-9A - Heavy: SRN-80 - Scout: SNU-K15 - Fighter: Su-33




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CommandandConquerRedAlert2hacktool pellawl

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